Elkesley Primary and Nursery School

To inspire a community of life-long learners


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National Curriculum (Core Subjects)



We aim to promote optimum development of English (speaking and listening, reading, writing, spelling, grammar and handwriting) in all our children because English is the key to development in all other curriculum areas. We aim to promote confidence and enjoyment in all these activities. Learning to read is perhaps the most important early skill your child will acquire at school.


A range of teaching methods are used and children are encouraged to take a variety of books home.  We place a high priority on the teaching of phonics and this provides a strong foundation for learning to read.  There is regular dialogue between parents and teachers. We encourage all parents to read with their children regularly.


All children in the main school use the revised Primary Strategy objectives, which give structured teaching in reading and writing.


All children in the main school have targets for improvement in reading and writing which are reviewed on a regular basis.



Maths is lots of fun at Elkesley Primary and Nursery School. We encourage children to explore and understand numbers and other mathematical concepts including geometry, measures and data handling. We aim to foster confidence and enjoyment in the development of mathematical skills. Children learn from a combination of practical and written activities which are related to everyday life. All children have a daily maths lesson using a combination of the revised Primary Strategy and the New Primary Curriculum. Once a week we take part in a lesson where we solve mathematical problems and puzzles using and applying our mathematical knowledge.



Science consists of two elements. Experimental and investigative and knowledge and understanding. Science involves the children in setting up and carrying out investigations and experiments. Children are encouraged to develop fair testing, make reasonable predictions, carry out detailed observations and measurements, record information and draw conclusions. Children learn about the world in which they live and gain knowledge on life, materials and physical processes.